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1996 Spider-Man Premium: Eternal Evil Canvas
1993 Marvel Universe IV Spider-Man vs Venom Hologram
1996 Spider-Man Premium: Eternal Evil Holomotion
1996 Marvel Masterpieces Silver Surfer
1995 Marvel Masterpieces Apocalypse Holoflash
1996 Fleer Ultra X-Men: Wolverine Mirage
1993 Marvel Masterpieces Hulk 2099
1992 Marvel Masterpieces Captain America
1992 Impel X-Men Series I X-Men Team
1994 Marvel Flair Deadpool

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Thank you for visiting!  Here on display is my entire Marvel Comic Trading Card collection, consisting of every Marvel set/series released from 1987 through 1998, plus a variety of other comic memorabilia from the 90s.  Here you can find images and information on all the classic retro favorites, including Marvel Universe, Marvel Masterpieces, Marvel Metal, Marvel Flair, Marvel Onslaught, Fleer Ultra Spider-Man, Fleer Ultra X-Men and the list goes on.  If you're visiting as a collector (and no doubt you are) please follow the link below or the button above to my online webstore to find access to a whole plethora of Marvel and DC trading cards and promos for prices worthy of their quality:

As a collector I've always been die-hard completest. I spent much of my time hunting down every known piece of promotional/advertising material for each corresponding series.  For your benefit I finally decided to assemble a complete catalog of photos covering the entirety of my collection, which doesn't necessarily stop with trading cards.  There are plenty of checklists and other resources out there, but none offer any sort of visual guide to the material, which is what prompted me to put these albums together. 

Just a little background, my interest in the hobby slowly evolved into what became an eBay business "Spidey's Cosmic Cards," (many of you knowing me as "spideyfan777) which I proudly ran for 15 years from 2003-2018 amassing a whooping 10,000 transactions and feedback score of 99.9%. Over the years I got to know a lot of great people, making friends with other collector's all over the world. from all kinds of countries, including Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Austria, Israel, Vietnam, Philippines, South Africa and so many more. To mitigate some of the overhead and thus offer better prices to customers, I decided to part ways with eBay, closing out my store to open the aforementioned wesbtore., which I hope you'll visit soon!  

I write this last portion as tribute to my father for helping me get this whole thing started.  He and I have many great memories hitting the road on Saturday mornings, grabbing our "Frapps" at Starbucks and spending the day hopping from store to store checking out the latest cool toys.  The time we spent together means far more to me than this stuff ever will, which of course, I consider myself to be very blessed to have.

I hope you find the information and images here a useful guide and resource towards your collecting pursuits. Thanks again for visiting and enjoy! :)

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