JB's Ultimate Marvel Trading Card Collection


Thank you for visiting.  Here on display is my entire Marvel Comic Trading Card collection, consisting of every Marvel set/series released from 1987 through 1998, plus a variety of other comic memorabilia from the 90s.  I decided to focus my collection on this period for a few reasons: one, I'm not made out of money, two, the quality of printing and artwork is unrivaled, IMO, and three, the personal nostalgic value.   Initially, my only intention was to complete the sets that first introduced me to the hobby (i.e. 1993 Marvel Universe and 1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man), which remain my personal favorites, but my collection was destined to grow well beyond that.   Being a "completest" accomplishing this task has been nothing less than a challenge.  Not only that, but it has also been my objective to find cards in the best condition possible and after years of hand picking my collection, I have to say I'm quite pleased with the results. :)

Aside from the fundamentals (base, insert, chase), I spent much of my time hunting down every known piece of promotional/advertising material for each corresponding series.  I finally decided to assemble a complete catalog of photos covering the entirety of my collection, which doesn't necessarily stop with trading cards.  There are plenty of checklists and other resources out there, but none offer a visual representation of the material quite like this. 

The broader part of my collection consists of a large assortment of Spider-Man Action Figures.  I began collecting these when Toybiz released the "New Animated Series" product line back in 1994.  As simple as they were, I still find them more appealing than what you find on store shelves today.  Even the packaging looked better.  Over time, they sort of evolved past the animated series theme, pulling ideas from comic story lines while utilizing other gimmicks, as well.  A lot of them were really cool, others were kind of lame.  With each passing year, the sculptures progressively became more and more detailed and aticulate. They went from having just a few movable joints to over 30 points of articulation, which made interacting with them far more enjoyable...or would have, if I had actually taken them out of their boxes, lol.  I didn't go too crazy collecting figures, at least not as much as I did the cards.  My enthusiasm of them sort of tapered off in the early 2000s' and came to a screeching halt when Toybiz folded and Hasbro took over production.  It was a disappointing change of events, but working part time, while also going to school, paying $7-$10 a pop was just too expensive.  I couldn't afford  much more than the one or two villains and unique Spider-Man sculpts that came out with each series. 

Over the past 7 years my hobby has sort of developed into a small business on eBay, gaining quite the reputation buying and selling comic cards.  This little venture has not only helped supplement my income, but has enabled me to build extensively on my collection.  In recent years, I haven't spent that much time or money acquiring any new things, except the occasional sketchagraph or promo needed for filling a set.  I always hoped I could come to the point of saying "my collection is complete," but in reality I think I will always be 99% there.  So with nothing better to do, I figured now was the time to show it off. 

I thank my Dad for helping me get this whole thing started.  He and I have many great memories hitting the road on Saturday mornings, grabbing our "Frapps" at Starbucks and spending the day hopping from store to store checking out the latest cool stuff, whether it be Hot Wheels, action figures, cards or whatever else we collected.  The time we spent together means far more to me than this stuff ever will, which of course, I consider myself very blessed to have.

I hope you find the information and images here a useful resource towards your collecting pursuits. Thanks again for visiting and enjoy! :)